How Group Training Works

  • Boot Camp classes are conducted in a group setting.  Each class size varies from as little as 5 campers up to 15.

  • Each class is set up by a personal trainer.  The trainer will set up the class in the beginning and explain what is expected.  At this time new exercises can be explained or any other questions can be asked.

  • Every single exercise can be modified for a camper.  Also, the tempo and the intensity is set by each client, not the instructor. BOOT CAMPS ARE FOR ANY AGE AND ANY FITNESS LEVELS. To have any experienced client and a new client in the same group is not uncommon at H.I.I.T.

  • Boot camps are taught by various personal trainers.  We feel variety and constant change is the best for each client mentally and physically.  It keeps each class fresh and new but also makes our body adapt to the unknown. We have learned that this also keeps it FUN!

  • Lastly, consistency is the key. We offer multiple classes per day through the week. We want to give our clients the most opportunities possible to get in as many workouts as they can per month!